Working With A Flatbed Service To Move Heavy Equipment Over The Road

24 March 2021
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Moving heavy equipment from one job site to another is never a simple task, and for companies that are using a lot of equipment, finding a company to help is essential. Moving a loader, grader, bulldozer, or excavator is to a new site takes some planning, and a flatbed trucking company that has drivers that know how to handle these larger loads.

The Right Trailer For The Job

Flatbed services are used in many different ways, and there are different trailers for those uses. Hauling heavy equipment means using a trailer large enough to hold the equipment legally, so often, the flatbed trailer used is a lowboy-style trailer, while other items like a skid steer could go on a standard flatbed trailer.

Working with the flatbed company to select the right trailer is essential, and if you have the weight and dimensions available for the equipment that needs moving, the flatbed company can determine what the best trailer is for the job. Some trailers allow equipment to drive on, and others require loading with a crane, but depending on the equipment and the configuration it is loaded in, a crane may be necessary to make the load legal. 

Large loaders may need hauling with the tires off the machine, or an excavator may need to have the bucket removed. Not doing so may put the load overweight or over width and require special permits to move the trailer.

Open Flatbeds For Stationary Equipment

If you have a large generator or some other type of stationary equipment that needs moving, a flatbed can be helpful for moving it. The flatbed service will likely be involved in loading the equipment on the truck so that they can rig the items and secure them in the proper position for the load. 

Heavy equipment can not simply be put on the trailer. It needs to be placed properly on the flatbed so that the load is balanced and will ride properly. A trailer that is loaded wrong can be a handful for the truck driver moving it, so it is critical that the weight distribution is correct. In some cases, that may mean running the trailer with a partial load to ensure the cargo's safety is necessary.  

If you are loading the truck with a crane or forklift, be sure there is on-site when the truck arrives to remove the equipment as soon as they arrive. Getting the trailer unloaded and your equipment working is the goal, so the faster that happens, the better.