Helpful Precautions When Renting A Crane For Work

11 May 2020
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Crane rentals come in handy when you need to reach something up high or transport heavy materials for a short-term project. Even if you've never rented this machinery before, you can have success by taking these precautions. 

Examine the Work Environment

It's important to note that not all crane types will be suitable to your work environment. As such, take your time carefully examining the conditions on your work site so that you know exactly what type of unit to rent.

For example, if your work site is pretty rugged, you'll need a rental crane with a mobile design and heavy-duty tires. You then won't have to struggle getting the crane to the ideal setup point. Or, if you know the crane will be in just one position, you can get a stationary unit and save money on this rental because it's more affordable. 

Gather Quotes From Multiple Providers

If you're looking to get the best deal on this rental crane, then it's recommended to gather quotes from multiple crane rental providers. You can then see what option works best and doesn't break the bank.

In order to receive an accurate quote, you need to know exactly what type of crane you need and how long you'll be using it for. These details help each provider give you a realistic quote that you can then analyze against the others. Just be cautious of rates that seem too good to be true because there may be extra charges that aren't included in the quote that you'll have to budget for.

Carefully Go Through the Contract

Before the rental crane is dropped off at your location, you'll be asked to sign a contract. You'll want to go through this contract carefully to see exactly what you're signing up for. Start by making sure there aren't any hidden fees that weren't previously discussed. Next, see if insurance is included. 

It's important that it is — even if you have to pay more — so that you're completely protected should something happen to the crane while it's in your possession. Finally, see how long the crane unit is to be in your possession. Knowing these details can help you avoid a lot of confusion later on. 

There are a lot of temporary work projects that warrant the use of rental cranes. If you're working on such a product and need one of these machines, take your time with the rental process and make sure you nail down important details. Contact a crane rental company to learn more.