4 Used Forklift Maintenance Tips To Reduce Wear And Improve Safety

12 June 2019
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Sometimes, buying a new forklift may not be a practical solution for your business. Used forklifts are going to be more affordable to get the equipment you need for your business. When you buy used forklifts, including refurbished forklifts for sale, there is maintenance and repairs that need to be done to reduce wear and ensure safety. The following maintenance tips will help reduce the wear of your forklifts and improve the safety of your business.

1. Daily Maintenance Check Policies to Deal with Issues Before They Cause Problems

The maintenance of your forklift is important, and something that needs to be routinely checked. Before each work shift, it is a good idea to have a policy of requiring a maintenance check before operators use machines. Make a policy for each shift and an inspection sign off sheet to inform you of any problems or issues that need to be taken care of.

2. Schedule Weekly Maintenance to Reduce Wear and Ensure Forklift Safety

The forklifts you use for your business may operate many hours a week, which means that maintenance constantly needs to be done. At the end of each workweek, it is a good idea to schedule routine maintenance, like checking and changing fluids and checking machines for any repairs that need to be done to ensure safe operation.

3. Maintain Forklift Brake Systems and Change the Pads When They Become Worn

Brake systems of forklifts are important, and failure can lead to accidents and injuries. Therefore, brakes should be inspected weekly to ensure that no repairs are needed. It is also a good idea to schedule routine pad and fluid changes to ensure brakes are always in good condition and performing as they should. When there are problems with brakes, bleed air out of the lines and inspect the brakes for any repairs that are needed.

4. Routinely Inspect Tires, Fluids, and Safety Systems to Prevent Accidents and Damage

There are also many other components of forklifts that need to be routinely maintained. These components include things like tires and hydraulic systems. It is a good idea to check the pressure in tires regularly and change them when there is excessive wear. In addition, maintain the hydraulic systems and do routine inspections of the safety systems to ensure everything is in operational order.

These are some maintenance tips that will help reduce wear of your forklifts and improve the safety of your business. If you need equipment for your business, contact a used forklift service to get what you need for your daily workload.