3 Great Tips To Consider When Purchasing A Flatbed Truck For Construction Purposes

22 August 2018
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If you work in the construction industry, an important vehicle you'll probably use regularly is a flatbed truck. If your construction company is in search of one, these tips will prove helpful. They'll ensure you make the right investment long-term. 

Select a Class 

Probably the most important function of a flatbed truck on a construction site is hauling equipment and materials around. However, not all flatbed trucks can handle the same load. Some can haul more than others, depending on its class. A helpful tip to remember is the higher the class, the more weight it can haul. 

To help you narrow down your options, think about the things you'll be hauling on a regular basis. Gather rough estimates of each item and then add them together. You'll then have a general idea of how many pounds you typically carry on a given haul. Just make sure you select as accurate of a class as possible to ensure you don't damage the flatbed truck by overworking it. 

Thoroughly Inspect Its Condition 

Whatever type of construction flatbed truck you're planning on buying, you need to thoroughly inspect its condition. This is particularly true if you plan on buying used, as the truck probably won't be in pristine condition.

First, check out the truck's exterior. Check for signs of structural damage like dents, scratches and rust. Then move inside the interior, looking over the features and making sure they work. Finally, you're ready for the test drive. Take the flatbed for a spin, getting a feel for its handling, power, and visibility. If all of these factors check out, you probably have found the one. 

Don't Overpay 

Since flatbeds are typically used for commercial purposes and feature heavy-duty engines, they are by no means cheap. This makes it even more important to not overpay for a particular flatbed at all costs. Staying on budget is failry easy if you follow the right protocol.

For example, whatever flatbed you're interested in, it helps to research its going rate online. You should be able to find out this value by using online estimators, which will have you enter important information like that flatbed's make, model, and year. Once you have this figure, you know what a fair price should be. You can then base your negotiating tactics off this figure and avoid paying more than you should.

Flatbed trucks are so pivotal for the construction industry, and buying one doesn't have to be that intimidating as long as you know what to look for. With proper research and focus, your construction company can come out on the winning side of this transaction. Contact a service, like CCI Crane & Transport, Inc., for more help.