Three Attachments To Consider When Renting A Forklift

3 November 2016
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There are times when a business has a job that needs to be accomplished the requires the use of specialized equipment. One example of equipment that a business may need for limited use is a forklift. Fortunately, forklifts can be rented for a short period of time to allow a business owner to accomplish whatever task they need to accomplish without actually having to invest in the piece of equipment. When you rent a forklift, there are many different attachments available that you can rent to use with the machine. The guide below walks you through a few common attachments that are rented with a forklift to allow you to know what options are available to you.

Work Platform

If you need for a few of your employees to access an area that is high off of the ground, but do not want to set up scaffolding in the business, you can rent a work platform for them to use. The platforms are typically large enough for two employees to stand on them comfortably, along with whatever equipment they need to accomplish the task assigned to them. The forklift raises and lowers the platform, so that your employees do not have to do any climbing to get to the height that they need to be at.

Long Forks

When you rent a forklift, it has a standard set of forks on it for you to be able to use. If you need to lift bulky or large items with the forklift, you may need to rent long forks to use so that you can evenly distribute the weight of the items when you lift them so that you do not risk them falling. Measure the items that you need to lift before coming to the rental office to ensure you rent forks that are long enough to do the job you need them to do.


If you are lifting large materials high into the air, such as trusses when constructing a building, you need to rent a boom to use with the fork lift. There are many different types of booms available so you need to consider the size of the items that you need to lift and the weight of the items to ensure the boom you rent can lift the items with ease.

Be sure to talk to the associate at the rental office about the job that you plan to complete before renting the forklift or the attachments. He or she may be able to let you know about other attachments that may allow you to accomplish the job in an easier fashion. For more information, contact local professionals like Crown Equipment.