Why You Should Buy An Air Compressor For Your Dog Grooming Shop

6 April 2016
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When you think about air compressors, you probably think about them being used in a garage or car repair shop. However, an air compressor can actually be quite handy for a dog grooming shop, too. If you are in the business of grooming dogs for a living, then an air compressor might be a good investment. These are a couple of things that you can use your air compressor for.

Drying Dogs

A dog dryer might seem like the right option for drying dogs after they have been bathed, but believe it or not, an air compressor can actually be a better option. Air compressors can have more power than dog dryers and can be used for more purposes, making them a great option for any dog grooming shop. Plus, many air compressors feature small nozzles, which can actually be easier to control than a dog dryer. Then, when you are working to dry hard-to-reach and difficult-to-dry areas of a dog, such as on the inside of the legs or on the neck, the air compressor nozzle can be easy to control, making the job a whole lot easier and faster.

Cleaning Off Equipment and Supplies

Air compressors can also be used to clean off equipment and supplies. For example, you have probably noticed that your dog clippers, guards, combs, brushes and other supplies can all be difficult to clean. Battling with the hair on all of these tools can seem like a loosing battle. With an air compressor, however, you can blow loose dog hair off of these tools quickly and easily so that you can work efficiently.

You can also use your air compressor to blow extra hair off of your grooming  table while you are working or to remove hair from the floor around your work area. Being able to get rid of all of this excess hair quickly and easily can make your job a lot easier, can help prevent the hair from getting in your face or back onto the newly-groomed dog and can make your shop look a whole lot neater.

As you can see, an air compressor can actually be a wonderful addition to your grooming shop. If you are looking for equipment that can be used for multiple purposes and that can make your job a whole lot easier, a small air compressor is an investment that you should strongly consider making. Consider investing in compressed air systems for your business today.