3 Environmental Tasks To Keep Sediments Under Control On Your Projects

5 April 2016
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Fines of dirt and other problems from sediments when doing construction projects can be costly. There are many regulations that govern the pollution produced by construction, which you will want to ensure your business meets all the requirements to avoid costly fees. Some of the things you may need to do include installing silt fences or controlling dust. Here are some of the steps you can take to avoid environmental fines on your next big project:

1. Installing Silt Fencing To Deal With Runoff Problems

One major problem that you may have with sediments on a construction site is runoff. When it rains, sediments get into the drainage that goes to rivers and streams. To keep runoff sediments under control, you will want to have silt fences installed wherever the ground has been disturbed and there is a chance of water running off into bodies of water.

2. Keep Dust On Roads Under Control With Water Truck Services

Dust from roads can be another problem when doing construction. This can be a big problem when there are roads being built or when heavy trucks and equipment compact gravel on dirt roads. To solve this problem, water trucks can spray roads regularly to ensure that there is moisture to prevent road dust problems. Keeping dust down is something that a road dust control service will be able to help you with.

3. Having A Washing Station For High Traffic Of Machines And Trucks

When there is a lot of equipment going in and out of your project, this can be a cause of road pollution due to sediments and dirt that comes from the traffic. To control this, consider having a washing station to clean water and debris off of trucks before they leave the project site. This can help keep roads clean and prevent your business from getting fines due to sediment that gets on roads. You can have a temporary station and use it during high traffic times. You may want to control exists to ensure that vehicles and equipment have to pass through the cleaning station before they leave the project.

These are some of the things that you can do to avoid fines on your next project and ensure your business has environmentally friendly policies. If you need help with the control of sediments on your project, contact a construction equipment rental service like Rentals And More Inc to get the tools you need to keep your worksite clean.